Please consult your child's pediatrician before attempting to give your child any form of solid food.

Please make sure to exercise the "4 day rule" when giving your child a new food.

Freezing Baby Food

The easiest way to freeze baby food, that I've found, is using a few simple steps.

1. Spoon finished food into ice cube trays or silicone baking trays such as this one or this one. There are a few GREAT reasons for using such trays. They're easy to unmold once the food is frozen. They're the same size so each cube is consistently the same amount of food and they're BPA, PVC, Phthalate and nitrosamine free!!!! Not only that but they freeze quickly and thaw quickly!

2. Place in freezer and freeze until frozen!

3. Once frozen, simply pop cube out of try and store in a labeled (with flavor and date!) zip top freezer bag and keep in freezer.

To heat cubes, remove desired number of cubes (mix flavors if you like - once baby has had the foods before, of course!) then thaw in a airtight bowl in the refrigerator overnight or place in a zip top bag and heat in under running warm water or in a pan of simmering water.

Please make sure to stir and test the food before serving it to your little ones, to make sure there are no hot spots and the food is of safe temperature.