Please consult your child's pediatrician before attempting to give your child any form of solid food.

Please make sure to exercise the "4 day rule" when giving your child a new food.

Starting Solids

Are you wondering if your baby is ready to start solids? Are you interested in seeing your little one delve into the world of tasty morsels of homemade goodness? Are you thinking about starting your little one on the path of solid eating?

Only you and your doctor can come to the conclusions of if and when your baby is ready to start solid foods. Every single child is different as well as every style of parenting. Only you and your child's pediatrician can make that choice! PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PEDIATRICIAN BEFORE FEEDING YOUR CHILD ANY SOLID FOODS!

Here is a very interesting article on starting solids that we recommend to everyone:

Why to delay solids?